Saturday, October 13, 2012

R.I.P Herbert Lom & Turhan Bey

Herbert Lom September 11 1917 - September 27th 2012
Turhan Bey March 30 1922 - September September 30th 2012

         It is so sad for me to have to report and talk about the two fairly recent deaths of some actors who made some very significant contributions to the Horror genre. Herbert Lom is probably best known to the conventional audience for his roles and contributions to the original The Pink Panther movies, Stanley Kubricks Spartacus, and 1955s The Lady Killers. Through to me his involvement in the horror genre is something that was to great to over look. He played The Phantom in Hammers 1962`s The Phantom of the Opera, He stared along side Christopher Lee in 1970`s Count Dracula as Van Helsing, he was the witchfinder Lord Cumberland in the grotesque German horror film Mark Of The Devil, and then of course he can seen alongside Peter Cushing in the horror classic And Now the Screaming Starts. 

        Turhan Bey had a very active film career in the 1940`s and 1950`s starring in a wide variety of Adventure and Horror films. The first movie I ever saw him in was the above average film-noir thriller The Amazing Mr. X from 1948, but Turhan Bey has the distintion of acting along side Lon Chaney in The Mummys Tomb (1942) playing the antagonist Mehemet Bey, Boris Karloff in 1944`s The Climax, and George Zucco in 1943`s The Mad Ghoul. Though after being in 1953`s sword and sandal adventure film Prisoners of the Casbah, he left Hollywood and movies altogether and didn't make another appearance on screen until 1993 when he had a guest role in the TV show SeaQuest 2032. 

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