Friday, April 29, 2011

Scream And Scream Again (1969)

Genre: Horror, Mad Scientist

Source: My Own Collection

Grade: B

                  I got this movie for a pretty good deal online, in one of those awesome M.G.M Midnite Movies Double Feature sets,this particular one came with the movie THE OBLONG BOX. Anyhow I went into watching this movie a tad bit reluctant, because everything that I  had heard about this movie was not very positive. Well in a way i`m kind of glad I went in with that mindset because what I saw in the movie SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN was kinda cool and in a weird way a bit intriguing on an intellectual level.
             Now if your just dieing to hear the plot details, i`m afraid I can`t truly explain it, its just one of those movie`s. Even Vincent Price himself said that he never truly understood the movie`s story. What I can tell you though is its got sadistic human yet unhuman monsters, a evil government plotting to take over the world (no doubt some form of Anti-Communism), and pits of Acid that completely dissolve anything until nothings left. Yeah, you really just have to watch it.

        A huge plus about this movie is it had three of my favorite actors in the cast Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, and Christopher Lee. BUT I have to warn you even though they are the top three billed cast members Vincent Price is only in the movie for i`d say 30 minutes, and Christopher Lees is in it for around 15 to 20 minutes, while Peter Cushing is only in it for not much more then 5 minutes. Then on top of that none of three ever actually share a scene were its actually all three of them. Instead you only get one fairly brief scene at the end of the movie of Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. Though despite there disappointing amount of screen time, they all three still put in some memorable performances.

         I thought the movie also put in some fairly decent effects and make-up. Like were the detectives catch this "Thing" and hand cuff his hand to the car were he merely rips off his entire hand, in order to escape! Then there was just some flat out creepy stuff like were the thing starts to suck on a girls wrist after he had just got done beating the shit out of her. And were the thing jumps into a pit of some yellowish acid and is completely disintegrated into nothing. I also must say I am still very amused at how this movie was only rated PG because its got its fair share of boobs, violence and weird images you really would not expect to find in a PG horror movie. Oh well got to love the thouse pre 1989 rating systems.    

        So all together I didn't find this movie to be as bad as people were making it to be, sure its not the best Vincent Price movie, and yes at some parts I felt like I was watching some bizarre spy movie as opposed to a horror movie, but I still found my fair share of enjoyment in it. I probably would not recommend this movie  to someone new or not accustomed to these particular movie`s, but if your a fan of Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, or Peter Cushing then you should definitely make a point of watching this movie sometime, and make your own personal judgement call as to weather or not you like SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Upcoming Projects/Posts

Hey I am so sorry I have not put up some new posts for awhile, i`ve been over encumbered with school and varies other things. But I am currently working on some new projects to post for starters last saturday I attended MONSTERPALOOZA in Burbank and had one of the best times of my life were I met many of my Icons such as Bert I.Gordon, Jack Hill, Jonathan Haze, Julie Adams, plus many,many more. Anyways I am currently in the process of writing down my entire experience there plus all the conversations I had with the stars. So hopefully I can complete that before to long.
          Then of course I`m going to be putting up some new movie reviews pretty soon. Now recently I was struck with an idea that made me sort of wonder, would anyone be interested if I started doing some of my reviews through a video/movie style? In the same way James Rolfe does his horror movie reviews during Cinemassacres Monstermadness? Just an idea I thought might be fun to try out.
Thanks for reading,
 William Israel