Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Snow Creature (1954)

Genre: Horror, Monster, Yeti

Source: My Own Collection

Grade: C-

I believe the biggest thing this movie has to its name is its the very first movie about a yeti, and that is about it. Other then that this movie is a silly, sometimes slow, and very low budget monster movie. That tried a little to hard to be like King Kong.

    The basic story is not to bad; a expedition in the Himalayas gets sidetracked after the guides wife is kidnapped by a yeti, so the crew catch`s it and brings it to Los Angeles were it of course escapes and wrecks havoc, sound familiar? It seems instead of trying to create it`s own thing this movie tries to cash off King Kong and failed epically in the attempt. Then the films ending was extremely anticlimactic! Which brings me to another thing that annoyed me about this movie, they used the same exact shot of the yeti appearing out of darkness at least ten times throughout the movie, which I suppose you could blame on its extremely low  budget.On top of that the yeti didn't look very cool. I mean just look at the poster what does that even remind you of !? The answer for me is NOT a yeti. But at least the yeti has a very minimal amount of screen time, In fact he`s hardly in it at all, when I think about it. But there are a couple yeti  "attacks" that were super lame and mostly obscured by darkness and shadows. As for the cast of actors in this film most were pretty dang average, and nothing special. Only Paul Langton who played the main character was the only person who put in a minimal amount of effort into his character

 Altogether I really don`t have much to talk about in regards to this movie, other then its the first movie based on a yeti. Though its far from the best movie based on yetis that title goes to the awesome 1957 Hammer horror movie The Abominable Snowman staring Peter Cushing. now that is an incredible movie that outshines this movie in ever way possible. Its just The Snow Creature is a ridiculous movie and try`s to hard to be like movie`s such as  King Kong and Them!, but what I did appreciate about this movie was despite it being stupid I was not bored sure there were a couple painfully slow parts like when they dedicate about 10 mins to an argument regarding if the yeti needs a passport to enter the U.S.A, i`m not kidding and the movie takes this completely seriously. But none the less it was entertaining and I give it credit for that. Unlike that other stupid monster movie I watched PHANTOM FROM 10,000 LEAGUES were it on the other hand was both really stupid and really boring.
   Unless your a fan of really bad cinema or your a Bigfoot/Yeti enthusiast who`s trying to watch ever movie based on Bigfoots and Yetis. I cannot truly recommend this movie to you.

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