Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yeti (2008)

Genre: Horror, Monster

Source: TV (Syfy Channel)

Grade: C+

       How is Yeti compared to Syfy channels other earlier Bigfoot/Yeti Horror movie Abominable, you might ask? Well the answers is Yeti is a far inferior movie in just about every way. Now on the other hand when you compare this to other Syfy channel movies, this one is really not to bad.
         The movies story isn't to bad either, its basically about this plane carrying a collage football team to Japan ends up crashing in the middle of the Himalayas, forcing the survivors to fight off both starvation and a very mean Yeti. Now honestly the thing that bothered me most about this movie was the Yeti was treated as more of a subplot and the main plot being the group of collage kids constantly arguing about everything. Seriously though the Yeti doesn't make a full on attack till around the last 20 minutes of the movie. The rest is mainly the stereotypical teen horror characters all just arguing about everything from what to eat, were to get food, how to find help, etc. Ah it seriously did get a bit tiresome, at least though the climatic ending was both thrilling as well as bloody, mixed in with a few plot surprises.

         The Yeti looked OK, it didn't look horrible but I just cant get myself to say it looked awesome. Though I really truly do appreciate the fact that the Yeti was done through make-up and not CGI, though there are a few noticeable scenes were the Yeti`s either jumping or running that were done in CGI but that's about it. Which brings me to the point of why did they give the yeti the ability to like jump a mile in one leap? It looked ridiculous and completely ruined the moment for me! But when the Yeti actually kills somebody its pretty bloody, though when the Yeti rips off this one guys arm and starts beating him with it was a little too over the top in my opinion.  In regards to the cast, for a low budget Syfy Channel original movie the acting was half bad. Only thing was they all acted like stereotypical horror movie teens, which also means that character development was pretty much nonexistent.

         Overall this Syfy channel original movie is one of the few which lands smack in the middle. Its not anywhere as bad some of the crap i`ve seen on Syfy Channel like Mongolian Death Worms and The Beast Of Bray Road, but on the other hand its not on par with some of the really good stuff Syfy Channels released like Abominable, Kaw, and Hammer Of The Gods. Now in comparison to other Bigfoot/Yeti movies i`d rank  this one as one of the better ones of them. Bottom line if your into these types of Horror movies by all means check it out, other wise you will probably not appreciate it very much.

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