Friday, October 28, 2011

Dracula's Daughter (1936)

Genre: Vampire

Source: My Own Collection

Grade: B-

   This movie has some pretty good things going on in it, and is very well directed. Unfortunately though I have to admit it isn't nearly as good as it could have been. Also for something supposed to take place directly after the events in Dracula this is a really inconstant sequel.

       This movie is supposed to take pick up right were Dracula ended in Carfax Abbey were Dracula's killed by Van Helsing, for the most part yes it does this like the dead body of Reinfield is at the bottom of the stairs and Van Helsing has just got done killing Dracula, well looks like the police show up and arrest Van Helsing for murder and put the body of Dracula in some station were Dracula's Daughter comes and steals it. First off two things it seems like ever character from Dracula is disregarded, for example when the police ask Van Helsing who can prove that Dracula was an undead vampire he says no one. Um wait what about Jonathan Harker and Mina Harker, or Dr.Seward or even that one caretaker from Sewards Asylum who saw Dracula and had to take care of Reinfield? Nope I guess they are disregarded now and Van Helsing is on his own, or in this case they change his name from Van Helsing to "Von" Helsing. There was absolutely no reason for that change and its never even mentioned why that was even necessary to do.
          Anyhow the rest of the movie consists of Dracula's daughter trying to get a doctor Van Helsing called upon to help him, to cure her of her vampireism all the while stalking and killing victims in the dark London fog. Not a horrible idea, but the ending were the main character chases her back to Transylvania to kill her and save his love interest is unfortunately very anti climatic and a rather abrupt ending. Now its not all bad, this movie has great production value its got some really good sets that looked awesome in B&W, then the actors weren't bad either Gloria Holden put on a very errie performance as Dracula's daughter and Edward Van Sloan was great as usual in the part of Van Helsing.

             I have actual heard that at one time Bela Lugosi was supposed to be in this and James Whale was set to direct this movie, except with a different screenplay. I guess stuff happened and obviously neither of those happened leaving the world to forever wonder how this movie could have been. Interesting enough I just learned that a lot of this movie is based off of Bram Stockers book or technically deleated section of his book Dracula called Dracula's Guest which after pointed out I clearly see the resemblance. Overall this movies not bad and is decent atmospheric horror film, its just not a very good sequel to Dracula and is sadly an just an overall average film.

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