Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Evil Dead (1981)

Genre: Horror,Supernatural

Source: Netflix (Instant View)

Grade: C-

The main reason I watched this movie was because my good friend Tory requested it and I thought it sounded like a pretty cool movie, so I looked it up on Neflix Instant View, found it and watched it. And well to be honest I really wasn`t that impressed by it. Sure it has its moments and its not a terrible movie, but I personally just wasn't that in to it.

I`ll start with what I did like about it, I thought the films basic synopsis was actually pretty good, and quite scary. The daemons in this movie were pretty scary looking to, but whats interesting about that is I thought it was going to be about Zombies but the monsters in this movie take on more daemonic characteristics than zombie characteristics. The movie was pretty well directed, by Sam Raimi. There were some neat point of views he Incorporated, like for example the were he goes from one of the daemons point of views, that was really scary. And finally I think the action was pretty sweet, at first it was really slow like everyone was to afraid to kill the things. But as soon as Bruce Campbell's character starts beating up his possessed girlfriend with a bat, it gets awesome.
But there were some parts in this movie that were just way over done like the noise, my gosh this daemon seriously like screams this creepy sound for like 5 minutes strait, at first it was creepy but then it got to the point were it was actually annoying. There was also this gross stuff that came out of all the possessed people after Bruce Campbell's character kills them that is just flat out nasty. Its like this milky stuff comes out of the mouth and all sorts of colorful nastiness leaks out of the body, I honestly felt like I was going to gag, It was that gross. As for the Ending I was pretty satisfied, it was a very Sam Raimi ending, if you know what I mean.

So altogether I wasn`t a big fan of this movie, and I seriously don`t see whats all the hype about it,this movie its rather overrated if you ask me. But I do see its influence its left on a lot of today's horror movies, for example the movie "Alone in the Dark" had the exact same type of ending this one had, The excellent foreign zombie movie "Dead Snow" had a lot of concepts that were extremely smiler to "The Evil Dead", a very strong influence the more I think about it. Then the effects, the action, and the acting was really not to bad especially for it being a Independent film, with a amateur director. So just because I didn`t find this movie to a spectacular ground breaking horror film, it shouldn`t stop you from checking it out.


  1. I need to see what all the hype about this movie is too.. First C- rating Willy gives?