Friday, October 1, 2010

It ! The Terror From Beyond Space (1958)

Genre: Science Fiction, Alien

Source: Netflix ( Instant View)

Grade: A

The 50s decade sci- fi has always as far back as I can remember been a personal favorite style and type of movie for me,  But I can`t remember the exact movie that sparked my love for these movies, it could possible have been the time I watched the 1953`s War Of The Worlds when I was a little kid and was fascinated by the whole alien invasion concept, In fact I even read the original unabridged edition of H.G Wells "War Of The Worlds" when I was 11 or 12 before I watched the movie and just was enamored by it. It also could have been the time I watched the outstanding 1951s "The Day The Earth Stood Still" with my family and was captivated by its flat out amazing story and brilliant style.
But for whatever reason it may be I really do love 50s Sci-Fi, so its always a real pleasure for me to get to view another great Gem from that golden decade of Sci-Fi, and "IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE". Though its not as amazing as other films from the decade IT! was still a great movie that I really dug.

It has a interesting story and picks up the pace admittedly , with a classic 50s style space ship, you the one with the three tail fins and the bullet shape, has crash landed on Mars. Where a rescue ship has been sent to retrieve everyone, but find only the ships commander still alive. But for some reason they automatically assume he killed everyone, which didn't really make much sense how do they know they weren't killed in the crash or from injury's from the crash. And what possible motive would a captain gain from killing his own crew? There not freaken pirates with some treasure they all want for themselves. No the only thing that could have motivated a act of homicide like that would have been a mental breakdown or something. But as you can see their was really no logic to the accusative of this commanders act of homicide because hes absolutely normal and reasonable, and then the movie does`t give a very clear if at all explanation to the whole worlds suspicion of this captains "homicide".
Anyways the object of the rescue ship was to bring the commander to back to Earth, were he would court martialed, and probably executed. But the thing that really killed all the crew members sneaks on board and starts killing the crew members, gruesomely. So the rest of the movie consits of the crew trying to get rid of this thing, all the while the body count rises. Until they finally mange to kill it, and the final scene is a guy addressing what appears to be the media. By telling them that Mars is a plant better left avoided, Simple but it still works and stills awesome.

It has great atmosphere, and a very dark tone. The "were stuck in space with a savage alien in our dreary spaceship and no can help us" sort of tone. Much like that of films like "Pandorum" and "Alien", which were obviously influenced by movies like this in my opinion. But anyways the movie delivers some pretty cool, detailed sets as well as costumes, no hokey "Plan 9 From Outer space" status stuff. The spaceship had an awesome interior design,as well as a very logical design in comparison to the ships shape. Finally the monster was pretty cool looking . It had a scary Abominable Snowman/ Wampa looking alien. Very cool, if you ask me.
                Then of course the acting was not bad at all, please trust me I know terrible acting i`ve seen "Mesa of Lost Women" and ''Plan 9 from Outer space''. Plus No one in the cast was a really big name actor to me, so that even makes it more cool to me.Oh, I forgot to mention the screenplay was written by Jerome Bixby Star Trek fans will recognize that name as the name of the guy who wrote such episodes as "Mirror, Mirror" and "Day of the Dove", that really helps explain the movies high quality.

So in conclusion I really recommend this movie, obviously I really dug it. Therefore I believe pretty much anyone else with a appreciation for Sci-Fi, will really enjoy this.

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