Friday, January 28, 2011

House Of Wax (1953)

Genre: Horror, Revenge, Serial Killer

Source: My Own Collection

Grade: A+

 House of Wax has always been one of my all time favorite Vincent Price movies. It also is also one of the few remakes that has turned out better then the original. In case you didnt know House Of Wax actually a remake of a 1933 movie starring Lionel Atwill (Son Of Frankenstein) and Fay Wray (King Kong). The original that this is based on is very good, infact its my favorite Lionel Atwill movie. But I just really prefer this one over it.

The films story is set in a very early 20th Century New York, a unique setting that I found very fitting for the film. I also must praise the make up artist who designed Vincent Prices characters look, it was incredibly awesome and very creepy to look at. Same goes for the outfit he wore throughout the movie when hes killing people, creepy and looked just ultra awesome!
 The films story is masterpiece, the concept is freaky as heck. Its also a very original story that, in my opinion improved on the original story from 1933. like for example the films Intro was spectacular! It admittedly dives into the story and sets a great tone, that carry`s on throughout the movie. Then of course I love films finale, Prices character takes on like ten cops before hes defeated. I must admit though I was hoping he would escape from the detective and all the police. Which is another thing about the movie I`d like to touch upon, Price was such a sympathetic villain.  I truly sympathized  his character and hoped he would get away even though he killed all those people, though I think it was prices performance that made that character that way.

  So overall  this was a great film. The performance of Vincent Price was one of his best and it was also fun to see a young Charles Bronson play the mute assistant Igor. The story was a masterpiece and overall well crafted movie with a perfect setting and stupendous Make Up and Costume Design. I could not recommended this movie highly enough, its that great!


  1. hey William, its Matthew H. and I really liked the old house of wax. Most people don't enjoy vincint price, but I love him. Haha see you at school
    P.s I love the website

  2. Hi its Ally. Ummm your websites cool.