Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday To Charles Laughton

Today I would like to make a quick tribute to the birthday of another one of my all time favorte actors this one being the magnificent Charles Laughton. Not really a horror actor but he was the star of a few very influential Horror films of his time such as ISLAND OF THE LOST SOULS, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME and THE OLD DARK HOUSE. Despite what i`ve heard that he was EXTREMELY hard to work with, I still find him to be one of the greatest actors of all time, but for example such directors/actors have shared an open distaste towards him such as Alfred Hitchcock who basically found him to be over controlling as an actor when he worked with him on JAMAICA INN, then Bela Lugosi himself said he found him to be one of the most arrogant people he ever met when working with him on ISLAND OF THE LOST SOULS. Never the less it doesn`t overshadow the fact that he was a truly amazing actor who`s  roles were extremely vast. Plus in my opinion he is the greatest actor to ever portray Captian Bligh which he did in the 1935 Oscar winning movie MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, were he was nominated for best actor in but didnt win.Though He did win that Oscar in 1934 for his performance in THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY THE VII. Also like Peter Lorre he got his fair share of parody in Looney Tunes. So once again happy birthday Charles Laughton!

( Bugs Bunny imitating Charles Laughton in the Looney Tunes episode Buccaneer Bunny ) 

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