Friday, July 29, 2011

The Phantom From 10,000 Leagues (1956)

Genre: Horror, Monster

Source: My Own Collection

Grade: D

This movie has been one of those movie`s that i`ve always been curious to watch, but I just kept putting it off for whatever reasons. But now after owning it for three years I finally sat down and watched it. Unfortunately though my curiosity was crushed, this movie was a terrible low-budget, cheesy, and boring movie left no positive impression on me whatsoever.

  The story`s about this government agent and this acclaimed "controversial" scientist who are assigned to investigate what is killing people with burns/radiation on a small coastal town. Ok, so that sounds good enough I thought. Boy was I wrong! First of all the monster only  appears about four to five times throughout the movie (which is only 80 mins to begin with). So in replace they try to fill this movie with a spy sub-plot that bears no great reason towards the plot and serves as only a distraction and nothing more. Then if that wasn`t enough they just had to add a stupid murder mystery sub-plot into it to! Which served no purpose whatsoever regarding the monster. Not only did the story contain annoying sub-plots and a huge lack of monster scenes, but the whole movie was painfully predictable. I mean at least while I watched Dementia 13 I was surprised by appropriate twists in the plot so I ended up walking away from that movie some satisfaction. Not with this nope, it was all incredibly predictable and no surprises whatsoever.

     As for the monsters design, on the poster it looks awesome! Which when I think about is was the only thing that was awesome in the whole movie. Yeah, the poster design. Anyway`s in the movie the monster looks just goofy. It will almost no doubt make you laugh at least a little bit. The Giant Claw may be the silliest looking flying monster but heck the Phantom is the silliest looking sea monster. Even when he "kills" people its cheesy and always obscured by something thanks to the camera angle. And you know I only think that like a total of about three people die total throughout the whole movie.

  Now then that ending was just um how should I put it, well it was one of those endings that happens and you just sit there thinking what? Everything just happens at once and then its over. So yeah there you have it this wannabe  Godzilla/ Creature From The Black Lagoon monster movie that had no one I was familiar with working on it, is one of those movie`s I can truly never recommend to anyone. Its nothing more then a cheesy, cheap, predictable monster movie that has ZERO redeeming factors!

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