Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Crazies (1973)

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Source: Netfilx ( Instant View)

Grade: A

Well for starters I have not seen the remake of this movie yet, in fact I made a huge point about not watching it before I somehow got my hands on the original 70s one by George Rommero, he directed this one and wrote it, as well as serving as one of the executive producers of the remake that came out this year. Well first thing I noticed was this movie was strikingly smilier to Night of The Living Dead (which we all know he directed like five years earlier) not story wise, but in a atmospheric way, it had that, just chaotic, raw, and far from happy atmosphere that Night of the Living Dead had, but that's good it made the movie even more better.

So to put it straight this movie is not a zombie movie! Many people like myself admittedly thought at first glance it was going to a zombie. But as a matter a fact its not, its about this military plane that crashes in a Pennsylvania town and leaks all its biological warfare weapons into the water. Resulting in everyone who drinks the water is basically turned crazy. But what makes it unique is the disease has different effects on people, like for example some are madly violent, others are just harmlessly crazy, while others are sinister and the just go off an kill people, oh and not mention the disease is highly contagious. So the army gets involved quarantines the town, but for some reason everyone feels they have to resist, so Therese tons of chaos and violence. And one of the moments that makes this movie truly golden was when the scientist with the cure, gets killed and the cure is destroyed with him, because of a bunch of idiot army guys. So really good and original story with a great dark tone.

The characters were ok, it was played by a bunch of unknown actors, who to this day don't have a lot of screen credit at least that's according to But for being fairly new, inexperienced actors they were all right, nothing stand outishly bad. Now one thing I really enjoyed was the costumes the army guys wore they were white jump suit with freaky looking gas masks. Those gas masks were awesome, they were just so fitting for the movie, if you know what I mean.

Now I know some people might argue that this movie leans more toward a action/drama type of movie, which may be true in a sense. But its no doubt in my mind a horror movie that just contains a bunch of gun fights, my favorite being the one near the end were the infected guy fights a dozen army people in the forest, it was awesome.But in conclusion id have to say this was a another great Romero horror film with a another great ending kind of like Night Of The Living Deads ending, which is far from happy. So with great direction, and dozens of awesome scenes like when the priest goes crazy and lights himself on fire infront a bunch of people and an army guy just shoots him in the head, a crazy old lady leazurly stabs a army guy to death with a knitting needle and does it so unfazed she doesn't even seem crazy, and then the tragic ending were the guys pregnant wife gets shoot by accident. The Crazies is a grade horror flick that i`d highly recommend for all fans of the genre.

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