Friday, September 17, 2010

Edge Of Sanity (1989)

Genre: Horror, Serial Killer

Source: Netflix (Instant View)

Grade: A

Well ever since the day I found out this movie existed thanks to the blog Horror Movie A Day Blog spot I have been really wanting to watch it. Why?, well for a variety of reasons first being I`m a huge fan of Jack the Ripper and I'm trying to watch all movies based on him, Second I`m a big fan of Anthony Perkins, hes one of my favorite actors, and Third I love movies like this that are set in the the bleak 19th century London/England. Plus I realised this had a unique awesome blend it blended the Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde story with the cases of Jack the Ripper. Well did it meet my expectations? Well kind of, it just came up short so in a nutshell I think it could have been a little better.

Starting with its story, the movie had a excellent plot and story, the blending of the Jekyll/Hyde story with Jack the Ripper was unique. The Introduction was literally crazy and pretty well done a great attention getter. And how he becomes the ripper was... well interesting it was pretty much he got high on stuff that looked just like cocaine. And when he was the ripper the story become extremely dark and sleazy. As he goes around London at night mutilating prostitutes. That was another thing the movie had a excellent atmosphere, incredibly dark and bleak perfect for the awesome setting of a foggy, dark London set horror film. And as for the characters Perkins character jack the ripper was awesome just the epitome of vileness, and then the Henry Jekyll side was mild mannered doctor so just like the book basically. The of the characters were just as colorful the prostitutes, the brothel owner lady, and the Inspector who was a super minor character as one might not have expected.

The cast was pretty good I wasn't very familiar with anyone other than Anthony Perkins who was excellently cast for the character, though it was quite similar to his Norman Bates character in many ways. And Sadly this was one of his last films, for he would die of AIDS very soon. But the rest of the cast werent and made some intresting and very colorful charecters. The direction and production values were off the wall good, the sets were authentic and deatailed, the lighting was beautiful, and of course all the costumes and make up were great and so creepy.

So all together this was a good movie I enjoyed, but I felt it could have been done alittle better, like giving more charecters develpoment and focus because I noticed they really foucused mostly on Perkins charecter. But it really wasnt too bad fans of the Jack the Ripper cases and The Doctor Jekkyl/ Mr.Hyde novel (which by the way I have read) should definatly take a look at this movie.

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