Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Last Exorcism (2010)

Genre: Horror, Possession

Source: Theatrical Release

Grade: A

Finally a movie that returns horror to it roots! Were it focuses on making you actually scared with different types of suspense, shock, and just a flat out scary atmospheres. As opposed to relying on gore and how nasty a person can be mutilated styles of horror that seem to dominate the Box Office these days. But the bad thing is, I can`t hate Eli Roth anymore after watching this movie, him being a producer to this movie, proves to me that he isn`t out ruin horror with his horrible Hostel movies like I thought he was.

Boy, this had a very unique and original story. Its about this exorcist who actually doest even believe in possession and thinks that people who are possessed arn`t really possessed they just think they are. So he does  very elaborate "mock" exorcism`s that cure the people, fore they think that he has released them of there daemons and cured them of there possession. Pretty awesome premise if you ask me, definitely rivals even that of this years Shutter Island in  uniqueness if you ask me.But the movie goes on to explain that this pastor will perform his last exorcism, this time bringing a film a film crew along to help capture his theory of possession on film. The only thing is this possession is real, and filled with bone chilling horror, super starling images, and crazy twists in the story.

Now more things that contribute to the movies pure horror quality was that very little to no CGI used at all, so all the crazy twists and bends that girl does were pure authentic! Since she is double jointed, she was able to perform all those crazy stunts. And wow the facial expressions she makes are incredible, there were so many different expressions she makes, it was flat out scary and amazing. Ashely Bell, the actress who played this possessed girl, was an amazing actress overall in this movie who really showed us what REAL acting is!
   This movie featured a really unknown small name actors, which in my opinion really made it even more special. Proving that movies especially horror do not have to rely on having big name actors and actresses to produce good quality movies. This being a perfect example, the main character who was excellently played by Patrick Fabian who other than appearing in a couple popular TV shows like Burn Notice and Boston Legal, hasn`t really been in any major movie, other than this one, Further proving my point even further.

I liked its direction to, it was another documentary point of view type of movie, which seems to have become very popular thanks to movies like "The Blair Witch Project", "Cloverfield", and "District 9". But this was another very successful take on that style of film. It gave it atmoshere that was very dark and believable, as well getting you more engaged in the whole movie.
Then the movies location was great, I loved the setting of the old south.Which was in a small town yet incredibly eerie town, that was full of run down creepy looking buildings. Then sets were just as good, chilling and eerie,just like the house that most of the events in the movie take place in, chilling. Though the only thing about this movie really was the ending, it was a tad predictably, but for some reason it still freaked me out even though I suspected what was already going to happen. Now don`t get me wrong, there are plenty of completely unexpected twists you will not once see coming, that happen thorough out the movie actually.

In conclusion you should definitely watch this movie. It`s the movie that horrors needed to prove, that it doesn't need to rely on blood, guts, CGI, and some guy in a weird mask to produce real fear. Plus this movies packed with amazing scenes, I won`t point out any of them though because it would just be spoiling crucial moments in the movie. So this is just a good horror flick, that I highly recommend to anyone reading this.

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