Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome To Nightmare Castle Blogspot

Hello and welcome to the Nightmare Castle blog were I review Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy movies New and Old. I will also cover a wide variety of articles discussing these types of movies, Such as analyzing contributions made by film directors, writers, and actors alike, and the impacts and significances movies have made to the genre. I will try to keep the blog updated and flowing with fresh posts as much as I can, but due to school and sports, I might lag in my frequency of posts sometimes.

Also to my readers I highly recommend commenting on posts and give your views. And I am open to suggestions for movies to watch and review as long as they pertain to the genres. Questions about the movies are also welcome. And my reviews may contain spoilers, though I do try to avoid it the best I can.

And lastly I`ll point out the format of my reviews at is the movies Title and Date in parentheses. Under that will be the movies Main Genre (ex. Horror, Science Fiction) followed by its Subgenre (ex. Werewolf, Alien Invasion, Dark Fantasy). Then under that will be the movies Source which is how I viewed/watched the movie(ex. Theatrical Release, My Own Collection) And finally under that will be my Grade of the movie. I use the school system of rating movies which is from A+ to a F.
When a movies in the A rating that means its a Awesome movie, that is highly memorable and very recommended. When its in the B range its still a great movie just not a A movie, it could basically use some improvement. When its in the C range the movies just OK. It usually means the movie is mediocre and overall just alright. But at the same time not being a horrible movie just not a great movie, its in the middle. Next there is the D range generally these movies are just bad and most likely boring. They are also generally movies I look forward to seeing and am met with the bitter taste of disappointment. And finally there is the notorious F range these movies are just crap, there is just nothing good about them what so ever. The plot is garbage, the cast is terrible or bland, and/or the overall writing is just pathetic. These movies I will recommend to no one.

So there you have it, the general outline of my blog and all its topics, Enjoy!

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