Saturday, September 25, 2010

Legacy of Blood (1971)

Genre: Horror, Serial Killer, Survival

Source: My Own Collection

Grade: D

Horrible dialogue, a terrible muddy color, unrelatable weird characters, sluggish pace, and a painfully predictable ending. So does this movie have anything good about it? You might ask, well the answers not really. This movie offers and boosts a good basic synopsis, but delivers nothing but bitter disappointment.
Well you might be familiar with this type of premise, a old rich,but not very loved family member dies. So all the ungrateful  relatives come over to collect their inheritance, the only catch is they all have to stay the night in his "creepy" mansion and  stay the whole time without leaving in order to collect their inheritance. Whilst at the same time their staying in the mansion someone is killing them all off in brutal ways I might. So not a bad story, but its completely butchered with terrible writing and sluggish slow pacing that makes the movie not only really bad, but really boring. Then to make it even worse you have a bunch of unrelatable, unsympathetic, weird characters. I`ll start with the fat Elvis impersonator, he was this fat guy who had the exact same hair as Elvis and wore like the same flashy cloths  Elvis would wear, and to top it off he always wore sunglasses and stupid attitude. Then there were two guys how looked so alike I thought they were the same people for about a 3rd of the movie, one of them though was this WW2 veteran who bragged about how he killed Nazis and made them into lamps. A women who was on about ever drug known to earth, Their was this doctor who had this noticeably odd looking face. And finally you had this shrew faced cop who obviously wasn't very bright. But do not fear there is but one likable, cool character and that's the old family member who died, unfortunately most of his scenes are flashbacks, and gets very, very little screen time. But his character is just this warped, psycho path, whose played by the legendary horror icon John Carradine.
Though one good thing this movie was it offered some pretty cool deaths, for example fat Elvis gets his head eaten off by pet piranhas, another guy gets locked in a room of bees were he`s mutilated by their stingers, and a cop`s killed brutally with an axe. Those kills among others are what make the movie just a little more bearable to watch. As for the climatic "twist ending, I put twist in quotations because its the most obvious ending ever, within the first two seconds you already have a clear idea of who the mysterious killer was or at least I did. Was among one of the most predictable endings on the planet, except for the creepy whack soundtrack that plays at the end during the credits that was weird, you`ll see what I mean if you watch it.

Now the cast minus John Carradine were nothing special and put on overall forgettable performances. I read though this was Rodolfo Acosta last movie he appeared in, The only movie other than this one that I remember him in was 1953s "Hondo". In this he played the role of the cop, not such a great final performance sadly. Buts very disappointing that John Carradines character was so small and consists of mostly flashbacks, he was seriously the only good thing about the movie other than some of the cool kills. Next the awful color they used was well...awful! It had this nasty muddy color, it was poor mans Technicolor basically.

So my final thoughts of this movie are basically it stinks. But its not all lost, it has some scenes and parts of enjoyability but thats really it. The rest is a dull and rather stupid affair, that isn't very well worth the watch. And John Carradines small role doesn't help either. Another reason i`m so disappointed in this movie is because I was actually looking forward to watching it, I thought it would be a great horror flick. Sadly I was dead wrong I was greeted with another crappy pointless 70s movie.

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