Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Witchville (2010)

Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

Source: TV ( SyFy Channel)

Grade: B

Knights, Ninjas, and Witches, What more do want from a SyFy channel original movie? Well depending on your taste and preference it doesn't get much better then this. Ah I do remember when I first read about this movie before it came out, and Immediately afterward thinking to myself "well this should kick ass, but probably isn't going to be nominated for any emmy awards.

The story is basically a blend of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and a bunch of other SyFy channel movies combined into one. Though its not a amazing movie and a bit weird, its really not that bad in fact its pretty cool actually. Anyways the movies pretty simple, its about these Witch Queen and her army of witches, laying waste to this kingdom and cause nothing but plague and devastation to the people and the land. So a prince, a witch hunter, and a band of some of the elite kings warriors, plus some ninjas later on, go to bring down the witch queen which will cause her armies to fall, saving the kingdom.
  The film also provided some cool characters to entertain you with, they all were pretty well unique, you had your radical witch hunter, huge fighter dudes, slick ninjas, and a old hoagie witch queen. It had a great pace never got too slow plus it keept me constantly entertained. As for the fights and battles they were all pretty cool a little cheesy sometimes but overall not bad. Except for the end battle it started off being super awesome and epic, but sadly it got drawn out way too long and started to be just flat out lame. All the swords and weapons were pretty authentic looking and really well designed. I was impressed and surprised, though sadly I cant say the same about the costumes. The costumes on a lot of characters like the witch queen`s looked like a bunch of cheap plastic costumes you could pick up at a discount halloween store. Except for the sexy blond witch (who was like the queen witches daughter ) her costume looked pretty cool, and then the regular soldiers in the kings army had awesome costumes, they looked like the Rangers from "Lord of The Rings". And finally the movies ending was alright, but it left it WIDE open for a sequel, and no sooner do I find out that sometime next year a sequel called "Witchville 2: Revenge of Darkness" will be released.

Well you know overall I think its safe to say I enjoyed Witchville for what it was worth and meant to be. It was a dark fantasy movie with some flat out weird add ins but its not at all crap. So if your a fan of SyFy channel movies, Fantasy movies, or just plain weird movies "Witchville" is definitely recommended for you! oh, and not to mention it had a pretty tight soundtrack.

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  1. I thought this was a good movie, especially with the ninjas turned thieves turned king's army. It kind of reminded me of the Legend of the Seeker mixed with Kull mixed with Hercules. I am anxiously awaiting a sequel to see what happens next. Hopefully it will be a trilogy.